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      At present, most with waterproof function of mobile phone shell must be at the expense of feeling

      2012/8/14      view:

        At present, most with waterproof function of mobile phone shell must be at the expense of feeling, be made very heavy. But recently, Japan launched a super-thin waterproof mobile phone sets may change our views. This is a thin waterproof jacket is only 0.25mm thick, the main material is polyurethane, can tightly wrapped with iPhone.

        Maker said, this protective sleeve with Japan IPX8 waterproof standard, that is to say it can be up to ensure that your iPhone is in 10 meters deep water without harm. Protective sleeve portion of the screen is used in acrylic, usually does not affect the operation and use.

        In addition, because of the protective sleeve is only 0.25mm thick, so you can set it at the same time another coat themselves like protecting sleeve and not affected by. The protective sleeve is compatible with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S2 version for sale, $37. Other manufacturers also ready for production version of the iPad protective sleeve, $50.

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