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      The Patriot moonlight box PM5959FHD Touch special 399

      Update: 2012/9/2      View:
      • Brand:    aigo
      • Type:    PM5959FHD
      • Price:    589 RMB
      • Promotion:    399 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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        The Patriot moonlight box PM5959FHD Touch is a classic fashion HD MP4 products, the Pearl White exterior design, material hardness up to 2H, wear-resistant never fade, configuration of 5 inch 800*480 resolution screen, and support the key touch operation, easy to use.

        The Patriot moonlight box PM5959FHD Touch built-in 1600mAh large capacity lithium battery, and adopts AXP188 professional power management chip, which can effectively extend the use and standby time, video playback, ebooks, MP3 mixed use, work up to 20 hours over time, unique intelligent search functions, according to the keyword retrieval memory file content, support for memory and TF card file copy, paste, delete, movies, books, music, support breakpoint play.

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