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                  Casting and efficient business associate raise day V470A

                  Update: 2012/9/2      View:
                  • Brand:    lenovo
                  • Type:    V470A
                  • Price:    4311 RMB
                  • Promotion:    3311 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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                    Now in the market for business application notebook product it may be said of many types, that do not really understand the notebook of consumers, just have a look ThinkPad, V, Latitude, ProBook Jan-day series, EliteBook series of these names were big head, and for a new job, how to choose a handy book? In a small series of opinion is most important is affordable, we would like to introduce today this associate raise day V470 in this area have an advantage in the series, using the i7 processor with the independent video card of model V470A-ISE dealers bid for the 8500 yuan, below the editors to introduce a new product.

                    As a business associate raise day of this, V470 uses a durable metal wire drawing process shell, wearing a young man unfailing vitality, also give a person a kind of mature and atmospheric feeling, can in front of my colleagues to meet you face. In addition, this material also played a reinforcement of the fuselage, to improve the heat radiation level of V470, so that the security and stability is guaranteed. The machine adopts the popular chocolate keyboard in arc island design. Independent keys plus surface finger bending design allows the user keystroke is more precise, feel more comfortable, but also is convenient for daily cleaning.

                    Associate raise day V470A-ISE using a 14 inch (1366 x 768) display design, equipped with an Intel core i7-2640QM processor ( 2.8GHz GHz ), NVIDIA GeForce GT540M 4GB DDR3 1333MHz independent video cards, memory, hard disk, DVD 750GB 5400 RPM recording drive, random attached with Lenovo software package. In addition, the machine body size for 340 ×234 × 20.7-31.3mm, the weight of approximately 2.184Kg.

                    Associate raise day V470A-ISE including 4 USB2.0 interface ( one of which is a E-SATA compatible interface ), VGA interface, RJ45, anti-noise microphone, support for stereo sound earphone jack / audio output, a Liuhe reader ( SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MS-pro/xD ), HDMI HD output interface in a variety of interface. And built-in 10/100/1000M card and Intel 802.11b/g/n wireless network card, Bluetooth wireless transmission module. Equipped with 6 core lithium battery, battery life time in about 4 hours.

                    Edit view: whether you are a vibrant new workplace, or a fashion mature white-collar, associate raise day V470A-ISE are a good choice. The benefits of many metal wire enclosure, complete functions and reasonable design of the interface, powerful performance, good temperature control, has proved that this is a easy to use strong product.

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