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                  The M3V tablet computer game version

                  Update: 2012/9/2      View:
                  • Brand:    benyi
                  • Type:    M3V(游戏版)
                  • Price:    2400 RMB
                  • Promotion:    2399 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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                    Model: M3V ( game )

                    Price: new listing

                    The CPU:Cortex-A8 kernel, 1GHz frequency;

                    Embedded GPU, support 3D acceleration, 1080P hardware video decoding

                    Operating system: ANDROID2.3

                    Memory: 512MB DDR

                    Language: language support

                    Storage capacity: the standard 4GB, can be inserted 32GB MICRO TF Card /U disk expanding memory space

                    LCD size: 7 inch WVGA

                    LCD pixel resolution ratio: 800*480, 16:9 perfect webpage browsing configuration

                    Wireless Internet: built-in low power WIFI module, a standard 802.11b/g

                    3G: support plug-in 3G card

                    Touch Screen multi-point pressure screen with high sensitivity

                    Input / output interface: MINI USB*1 ( charge / host / device mode choice) HD HDMI*1 headset *1, TF card reader

                    Recording with built-in sensitive microphone

                    Sensor built-in four-dimensional gravity sensor, interface support rotation and gravity games

                    Horn HIFI audio equipment, professional custom

                    Recording with built-in sensitive microphone

                    HD video output support 1080P HD video output

                    Hardware decoding and multimedia formats supported video decoding support for 1080P 30fps, RMVB FLV format support, MPEG4, MPEG2.VCI, coding rate of 1080P 30fps.

                    Operating system compatible with USB 2 types of computer equipment, through the USB interface external mouse

                    Compatible system WINDOWS7, WINDOWS Vista, WINDOWS XP Home OR Prafessional, WINDOWS2000

                    Annex Mini USB line, USB switching line ( which can be connected with the U disk /3G card ), user guide, charger, warranty card

                    Key set up the power switch *1, gravity sensing switch *1, volume and *1, the main interface keys *1, *1 reset key

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