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            Onda 4.3 inch 1080P high-definition touch MP5

            Update: 2012/9/2      View:
            • Brand:    onda
            • Type:    VX570
            • Price:    780 RMB
            • Promotion:    768 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
            • Order Online   Add to favorites

              Already passed 2011 half, the digital product market forms gradually clear, high-end by flat computer rule, the end products mainly for the intelligent MP4, the low-end products from conventional HD MP4. In all major digital manufacturers have high stir-fried flat computer and intelligent MP4, low-end HD MP4 this domain Onda electronic still did not give up, and recently launched Onda VX570+ is such a simple, practical products, so today we follow along with small have a look this Onda VX570+ evaluation, together into a Onda VX570+ HD and practical world.

              Image: Onda VX570+ Mito

              Image: Onda VX570+ packaging.

              One, the appearance of articles

              Onda VX570+ positive with a brushed metal panel, inlaid in the engineering plastics shell, thus reducing the fingerprint residue. Onda VX570+ screen with a 4.3 inch high-definition display, left and right sides of the viewing angle is satisfactory, the line of sight and the screen nearly parallel, the brightness of the screen color does not appear obvious reverse phenomenon, at the top of the viewing angle is large, below the viewing angle is smaller, at about 45 degrees, more than this range the picture will appear, inverting phenomenon.

              In the bottom of the screen, is the electronic LOGO onda. Onda VX570+ in logo making very carefully, finally is not a simple "ONDA " printed up, Onda VX570+ LOGO adopted after drawing processing nameplate do LOGO, with many. At the bottom right of the screen, high-definition " HD" logo.

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