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        Samsung mobile phone: 5.3 inch screen duo Android European version of the cow fell below 3000 yuan

        Update: 2012/9/2      View:
        • Brand:    sam sung
        • Type:    galaxy
        • Price:    5000 RMB
        • Promotion:    4888 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
        • Order Online   Add to favorites

          Samsung the cattle Galaxy Note is flat and the mobile phone the best cross-border, equipped with 5.3 inch 1280x800 pixel screen, bring first-class experience, now has been upgraded to Android 4, the European version of the latest offer has fallen below 3000 yuan, to proceed with, Galaxy Note by 1.4GHz +1GB double nucleus processor memory configuration, the standard 2500mAh lithium battery, battery life is very good, interested friends may wish to have a look.

          Samsung i9220 Galaxy Note design style is like a large version of the Galaxy S II, whose size is 146.85 ×82.95 × 9.65mm, weighing about 178g, bring it in the hands of domineering, iPhone 4S in its side like a child, is equipped with 5.3 inch 1600W color Super AMOLED HD capacitance screen, high resolution up to 720P ( 1280x800 ), watch the movie or webpage, visual experience quite shocking, support for the latest TouchWiz 4 UI interface, touch very cool.

          The bottom of the screen is also designed with a square HOME entity keys, respectively installed options and return two touch function keys, the top of the screen is designed with 200W pixel video call camera, design is at the top of the standard 3.5mm headset interface, the bottom is miniUSB slot and the capacitance of the pen slot, left design volume regulating key, the back panel is one of design of battery cover.

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