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        Onda VX610W Deluxe Edition 8G tablet computer

        Update: 2012/9/2      View:
        • Brand:    onta
        • Type:    VX610W
        • Price:    2122 RMB
        • Promotion:    2089 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
        • Order Online   Add to favorites

          Onda VX610W Deluxe Edition is a recently launched A10 plate products, configuration of tough, and screen new upgrade, the user can bring more comfortable smooth operation experience. The powerful function, support mass Android applications and games extension, also supports 2160P video playback. The present capacity of 8GB this machine quoted price is 575 yuan, is interested the friend may go to the Zhongguancun No. 12 Suzhou Street international Westinghouse A detailed consultation, Tel: 010-51286325 13910296146.

          Onda VX610W Deluxe Edition [sales address ] Zhongguancun No. 12 Suzhou Street international Westinghouse A seat

          [ reference ]8GB/575 yuan / Tel]010-51286325 13910296146

          Product introduction: Onda VX610W Deluxe black matte material shell design, fashion simplicity. Screen new upgrades for 7 inches of high-definition 16:9 capacitive touch screen, support 5 touch, the user can bring more comfortable driving experience. With the new A10 processing chip, the frequency can be as high as 1.5GHz, built-in 512MDDR3 cache, powerful hardware can better meet the needs of intelligent Android system running smoothly. It also has built-in Mail 400 independent display chip, display effect is excellent, can support most of the 3D game play. Multimedia functions, support for 2160P video decoder, 1080P, 720P and downwardly compatible multi format video player. In addition, Onda also launched a new firmware, let Onda VX610W deluxe edition in the opening / closing, 3D game, 3G and Ethernet Internet etc also got comprehensive promotion.

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