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                      Zhangjiagang city Jiedi locks Co. Ltd. is located in the national health and civilized city -- Jiangsu city in Zhangjiagang province. The predecessor of Zhangjiagang City flag lock, since it was established in 1974, has been committed to the for lock series of R & D, manufacturing and sales. To civilization, scientific and standardized management to promote the company's development, formed a specialized, large-scale, modern locks series of professional production enterprises. Batch production of aluminum or zinc alloy handle of the door and the model of the lock body and the lock core, drawer lock and lock series lock products.
                      Companies adhere to the "quality, integrity and enterprise level" of the road. In adjusting the knowledge structure and improving the professional skills of employees, all employees are committed to the optimization of parts and product improvement, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, quality improvement approach. Each product has passed through the Shanghai and the Soviet Union industry sampling inspection by the fine product honor.
                      The company not only to the development of similar products, the product sales and service more spare no effort. Successively in the country in the formation of large and medium-sized cities in sales.
                       Bid farewell to yesterday, creating the future is the common aspiration of each employee. Jiedi the staff look forward to our customers for their support and care. In order to create brand-name products, the purpose of a tree class character to become a loyal friend of domestic and foreign users.

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